Huh? MusicBoxes?

Well, "instruments" sounds so ... sterile, mechanical, lifeless. This crew is anything but, and besides, they are family to Jim and Gwen!

Below are only the primary instigators. We can't guarantee that others not listed here won't up and sneak into some of the LiTtLe DiPPeR performances. It's happened before.


1974 Martin D12-20 12-string guitar. Our joyful, boisterous boss, largely responsible for motivating us to play "out". Be sure to check out her ├╝ber-cool tip bucket (a real cedar water bucket from the Ozarks).


2009 Dusty Strings D45 hammered dulcimer, sapele soundboards. There are no words adequate to describe her sound, nor what it can do for the soul. Whether you need to be perked up or calmed down, RedWing can do that.

Jolly Molly

2010 Palatino VB-012, expertly set up by local luthier Doug Heydon. One rockin' big yaller bass fiddle!


1972 Martin D18S steel-string guitar. Flatpicked fiddle tunes never sounded sooooo good. Thank you, Mr. Martin!


1973 Martin D28S steel-string guitar. Solid, sweet-sounding backup dude.


1967 Martin 00-28C nylon-string "folk" guitar. Definitely a little siren, she is (she doesn't intend to make so much time slip away, honest!).


2009 Martin 00-28VS steel-string guitar. Extroverted DADGAD specialist.


2011 Martin Custom (UMGF 00-18VS) steel-string guitar. Exactly what chocolate would sound like.


2011 Doc's Banjo #164, Nylgut® strings (handmade in Dallas, Oregon). Totally cool brand new old-time banjo sound.

Fiona Viola !

1975 (?) Wm. Lewis Dancla viola. She was just a student viola in a public school music program ... until she made her way first through a pawn shop, then eBay, and finally to us, where she got properly repaired and discovered her WILD side. Fiona rocks!!!


1962 Martin Style A mandolin. Perky and happy, like any mandolin, but with a really nice sound thanks to the oval soundhole and mahogany back and sides.


2010 Heinrich Gill #304 'cello. Smitten with Anya, who is worldly and wise (Galen is still young and learning the ropes). Galen's smooth, rich voice is capable of transporting listeners to another dimension.